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Summer 2020 Trail Use Reminders

We would like to remind everyone when accessing local trailheads to drive slowly through residential areas and ride your bike directly to the trailhead when you can. Importantly, when driving to the Lion Mountain trailhead in your car, stay on Hwy 93 North and turn right at the top of the hill. When returning to town from the trailhead, turn left onto Lion Mountain Loop Road, but PLEASE respect the 25 mph speed limit and slow down for pedestrians and when dust is present as you pass through the residential area. Always be considerate!

Following federal and state land management partners, we have opened vault toilets at our trailheads. Hand sanitizer is provided, and trailheads are being cleaned 1-2 times per week. Please remember to follow appropriate social distancing, wear a mask or face covering, and adhere to proper trail etiquette.


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