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June Trail Report

It is officially summer in the Flathead Valley! Over the last couple of weeks, our weather has been back to the cooler, wetter June days we are used to. Consistent, intermittent rains have been just enough to keep the wildflowers blooming, the trails in good condition, and to control dust but not enough to create puddles! Before we know it, the dog-days of summer will be here and the huckleberries will be ripening up.

If you've noticed your favorite trailhead is getting busier, consider visiting sections of the Whitefish Trail during early morning hours or exploring another trailhead just slightly further from town. The Big Mountain and Holbrook Overlook Trailheads are great close-to-town alternatives, or the five trailheads in Beaver Lakes and Lupfer all offer solitude even during the busy summer months. For now, the mornings are cool, the flowers are bursting, the landscape is lush, and the trails are clear. Get out and enjoy our community trail system and consider a donation to give back to the trail and open spaces you love!

Adopt-A-Trail Crews and our Trail Coordinator have been hard at work this month! The U12 Glacier Surf soccer team had a workday at South Spencer brushing the trails. Two Bear Air Rescue Foundation worked on the trail at Woods Lake Loop and accessed the trail via helicopter for an efficient workday. Additional Adopt-A-Trail Crew workdays included Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain Trailhead, Church of the Cross at Woods Lake, and Women Who Explore Montana at the lower portion of Holbrook. We also had a successful National Trails Day with FAMB where community volunteers reinforced the lower switchbacks at Reservoir. Thank you to all our volunteers for your hard work keeping the Whitefish Trail in great shape! Enjoy the trail!


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