Trail Conditions

logo-circleThe most up to date trail conditions are listed below. We depend on users to be our eyes and ears on the trail – please send any information on trail conditions to

*Note:  The trail is vulnerable to damage during wet and muddy conditions. Riding horses and bikes on water logged and soft trails can create ruts that channel water and lead to excessive erosion. All trail users are urged to avoid using the trail when muddy conditions exist.

Jul 7, 2017Early July Trail Report

Summer has officially arrived in the Flathead. These long and sunny days await your adventure, whether exploring Glacier Park, Flathead National Forest, or anywhere along the 36 miles of Whitefish Trail. If you are going to hike, bike, or run our local trail system, we recommend getting an early start to beat the heat. If… Read more »

Jun 1, 2017It's June already? Latest WT Report

What an amazing end to May! The weather the past two weeks has been idyllic with sunny days and crisp mornings. Wildflowers are reaching peak bloom along the Whitefish Trail with balsam root, lady slippers, heart leaf arnica, false solomon seal, and bear grass making appearances on the Whitefish Trail. Keep your eyes peeled for… Read more »

May 4, 2017Early May Trail Report

It’s amazing how the first sunny 70 degree day can elicit the same emotions as a 12” powder day during the winter. Drop everything! Get outside! Soak up some Vitamin D while you can! The Whitefish Trail is the PERFECT destination during these first days of spring. You can be in the woods in seconds,… Read more »

Apr 19, 2017Late April Trail Report

Spring is starting in Whitefish with crocus dotting yards and willows starting to bud out.  The Whitefish Trail is 99% snow-free with just a few patches of snow and ice holding on in shaded areas.  The trail is, however, not puddle free, so we want to remind users about proper etiquette for riding on wet… Read more »

Apr 5, 2017Early April Trail Report

My early morning runs to the Skyles Lake Overlook have finally resumed after a long winter’s break. This week, as I jogged through an empty parking lot at Lion Mountain, a rafter of of wild turkeys woke up from their tree-top roost. Clumsy birds dropped, glided, and crashed out of the canopy, gobbling all the… Read more »