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WLP Welcomes New Board Member!

WLP is excited to welcome Marissa Keenan to our Board of Directors! As a local business owner, parent, and outdoor enthusiast, we’re grateful for all Marissa has to contribute to bring the community’s vision for conservation, recreation, and education to life on our local lands.

“I grew up in NW Montana, and after leaving for school and travel, the pull of clean water, lakes, and rivers and the mountains lured me home. In 2010, I started Sweet Peaks Ice Cream in Whitefish with my partner and have been expanding our ice cream concept to other locations across the state and reinvesting in Whitefish through additional businesses and visions. When I am not working, I can be found hiking up Big Mountain in all seasons, running trails (Lion Mountain Trailhead!), getting in every lake and river that I can find, encouraging my three kids to get outdoors in all seasons and traveling. I am honored to be involved in Whitefish Legacy Partners and thankful for the opportunity to contribute.”

In addition to supporting WLP with her time as a volunteer board member, Marissa is also committed to supporting local conservation and stewardship through her businesses. Wild Coffee’s 1% Back to the Wild program pledges to donate 1% of sales to non-profits like WLP and Glacier Conservancy.

“Through years of creating and fostering small business in communities, we have seen how impactful we can be when we commit to a cause that weaves a story from our brands to the spaces they inhabit and people that support us. It is our belief that dedicated companies who stand the test of time are those that honor, support and advocate for the places and people who make their success truly possible. The soul of our brand is not just the idea but the story and the story of WILD is our commitment to and love for the wild spaces around us.

Our commitment to the Wild is not only through encouragement to get out and enjoy the outdoors but through our 1% of sales donation pledge to non-profits such as Whitefish Legacy Partners and Glacier Conservancy. Through giving back and advocating for our community – we are putting our money where our feet hit the ground.”

Welcome Marissa!


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