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WLP and Partners Launch New Trail User Courtesy Campaign

WLP and fellow Flathead Valley organizations and agencies responsible for managing multi-use trails have launched a new trail user courtesy campaign called Outside Kind Flathead. The campaign promotes responsible recreation by encouraging trail users to treat each other with kindness and courtesy, share the trail with all users, and respect wildlife and natural resources.

Our local trail networks are growing, and more and more locals and visitors are enjoying them. We believe that’s something to celebrate: it means more people are discovering opportunities to enjoy the May wildflowers, clear their head after a long day of work, exercise without needing a gym membership, and introduce their kids to new ways of connecting with nature. But as more people enjoy the trails, we must remind everyone to recreate with courtesy and kindness.

The Outside Kind Flathead campaign is comprised of sets of user-group specific messaging, so that no matter how users are enjoying our local trails, they can do it with kindness. The first six user-group specific campaigns to be launched this year in the Flathead Valley are: Hike Kind, Wag Kind, Ride Kind, Trot Kind, Run Kind, and Ski Kind. All messaging reminds users how to be courteous, aware, safe, inclusive, and to leave no trace.

Outside Kind Flathead is a partnership between Whitefish Legacy Partners, Foys to Blacktail Trails, Gateway to Glacier Trails, Rails to Trails Northwest Montana, Flathead Area Mountain Bikers, Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, Flathead National Forest, and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. The Flathead Valley is home to many trail networks with varying and complex ownership and management. The goal of the partnership is to create consistent and clear messaging, so that no matter what trail users are enjoying, they are reminded to do it with kindness.

Outside Kind Flathead has received generous financial support from the Whitefish Community Foundation Community Grant, Explore Whitefish, and Discover Kalispell to help spread the word to locals and visitors.


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