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Late October Trail Report

The sunshine and golden foliage of fall is fading into grey skies, bare branches, and views of a snowy Big Mountain summit as we head into the colder months. This is also the season when bears eat and drink nearly nonstop in order to put on weight to prepare for winter and hibernation. Keep your eye on our social media sites for trail alerts and closures due to wildlife activity.

As fall rains and snow return, also comes mud. Please help us keep the trail in good shape! Avoid damaging the tread with bike tires or horses in wet conditions, and do not go off the trail to get around puddles. Once the trails are snow covered, please be sure to stay on the trail and do not widen the trail to avoid icy patches.

Rifle hunting season began across the State for deer and elk on October 21 and continues until November 26. Remember that most of the lands surrounding the Whitefish Trail are open to hunting, and hunters may use the trail to access hunting areas. If you're out recreating, be sure you (and your dogs) are wearing blaze orange.

Hunters should not shoot within 1/4 mile of the trail or houses. To report any concerns, please contact the 1(800) TIP-MONT (847-6668).

DNRC is preparing a North Spencer Salvage Sale for November/December. The primary objective of the timber permit is to salvage dead and dying timber, mainly Douglas-fir, that is severely impacted by Douglas-fir bark beetles. Most of the stands impacted are located in Section 5, referred to as the ‘Fish House’ area, where pockets of dead and dying timber are scattered across approximately 300 acres. There are also several small pockets in the Twin Bridges area, which are scattered across approximately 87 acres. Most of the Twin Bridges pockets are located in the eastern portion of the area. We will keep you posted on all DNRC closures and timelines.

Send us your fall trail reports and photos to!


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