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Hit the Trail Challenge - May 2024

Every year during the month of May, the community gets out on the Whitefish Trail with every logged mile matched by $1 donated from our Challenge sponsors. Last year 600+ individuals participated, with a total of 31,790 miles logged! Join us and challenge yourself, your friends and family, or compete as a workplace team, neighborhood, or homeowners association.

May is the best time on the Whitefish Trail with wildflowers, bird songs, and sunshine after the long winter. Enjoy the trail, invite your friends and family to join you, and let's all focus on community and health during the the Hit the Trail Challenge! Miles can be logged using an online form, joining our Strava Club, or by submitting your log sheet in person or email. Awards and raffle prizes will be awarded throughout the month.

Last year we had 14 Workplace Teams from local business and non-profits, and the Muldown Teachers took home Shelldon, the Workplace Team trophy. Other past winners include 2019 - Healthy Living Coop, 2020 - Competitive Timing, 2021 - The Wave, and 2022 - Heartstone Advisors. Workplace Teams are a fun way to build team spirit and encourage employees and employee family members to be active on the Whitefish Trail. We welcome HOAs as teams, so mobilize your neighbors and sign up!

Thanks to our 2024 HTTC Sponsors for supporting health and wellness in our community!


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