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DNRC Public Comment Opportunity: Proposed Smith Lake Rehab Trail Project - Due 11/28

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) is seeking public comment on a proposal for a reconstruction and reclamation trail project immediately adjacent to Smith Lake located near the head of Whitefish Lake off East Lakeshore Drive.

Conceptual site plan for Smith Lake reclamation work

Whitefish Legacy Partners is excited to see this project moving forward. We have received a grant from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Recreational Trails Program (RTP) to assist DNRC with reclamation of the user trail in an effort to protect the integrity of the dam and shift access to the lake away from the dam. The project would include crib steps on steep portions of the trail, a viewing platform and bench with rock retaining wall, additional crib stepping and steel steps that direct users away from the dam, and a dock which would provide direct access to the water. The remaining portion of trail leading to the dam would be decommissioned and a fence would be installed on either side of the dam restricting public access to the crest and spillway of the dam.

Please submit written comments no later than Monday, Nov. 28

to or by calling 406-881-2666


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