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Hit the Trail this May to Support the WT!

The Matarazzo team at Heartstone Advisors, a third generation family run financial services firm in Whitefish, celebrates their 2022 Hit the Trail workplace team win with Sheldon the Turtle trophy! Heartstone logged 600+ miles together!

The annual Hit the Trail Challenge is a month-long outdoor event to see how many miles we can run, hike, and ride on the Whitefish Trail. For every mile traveled on the trail and submitted to WLP, $1 will be donated to support the WT and our local protected lands. Over the course of the month, we will compile the logged miles with fun weekly updates celebrating everyone’s progress & accomplishments. Awards and raffle prizes will be given to individuals and teams who hit announced targets throughout the month.

Last year, we engaged over 600 unique individuals including all grade levels at Whitefish Middle School and 12 Workplace Teams - with 29,083 miles logged. Using average levels of intensity for these activities, that means participants spent approximately 6,215 hours recreating outside burning 2,739,524 calories during the month of May and raising $29,083 for the Whitefish Trail!

Miles are logged using an online form, by submitting a paper log sheet, or by joining our Hit the Trail Challenge Strava Club.

May is the best month to be out on our local trails! After a long winter, we are all eager to reconnect with our local trail community of WT friends and families. Participate as an individual for free or participate as a Workplace Team for a small fee. School groups, community groups, and non-profits can participate as Workplace Teams for free. Grab your neighbors and compete as a Homeowners Association Team! (register as a workplace team via the Sign-up link to the right)


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