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WLP seeking Bike Patrol Volunteers

The goal of the WHITEFISH TRAIL BIKE PATROL is to offer a regular presence on the trail system and to provide visitor assistance. The PATROL consists of dedicated volunteers partnering with trail managers, landowners and emergency personnel to assist, educate and inform the recreational users of the Whitefish Trail.

We are looking for volunteers to join WT Bike Patrol to act as the eyes and ears of the Whitefish Trail and to assist in medical and mechanical emergencies. Patrollers will be offered basic first aid, CPR and basic bike maintenance training.  Training starts early May with regular patrols until September.

A Youth Bike Patrol will provide an avenue for youth in the community to be mentored by experienced members of WT Patrol. Youth Patrollers must sign up with a parent or adult who they will ride with.  All members of Youth Bike Patrol and parents will be trained in bike maintenance, CPR, and first-aid.  Use the sign up sheet below to show interest.  Members of Youth Bike Patrol are encouraged to perform TWO patrol rides per month during the summer.


• Be the eyes and ears of the Whitefish Trail. Report downed trees, damaged tread, or animal sightings.

• Educate trail users of proper etiquette

• Offer volunteer services at outdoor races and events

• Collaborate on trail work days, clinics, group rides and other Whitefish Trail events

• Assist in medical and mechanical emergencies on the trail during patrol

Volunteering on the WT Bike Patrol is a good excuse to go out and bike while providing information to trail users, help to those who may be lost or exhausted, and keep track of the condition and use of the trail. We need PATROLLERS to commit to biking the trail on a defined schedule throughout the summer and fall.

This year’s bike patrol training will be held on May 2nd at 6:00 PM at the Legacy Partners office.  525 Railway, Suite 206.

For more information, please contact Margosia Jadkowski by email at or 862-3880


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