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WLP May Lose WT Specialty License Plate

The State of Montana has set a new threshold of 400 plates for an organization to keep their specialty license plates. WLP and other participating organizations have three months to meet the new threshold, and WLP currently has 177 dedicated drivers with WT specialty plates. Unless 223 new WT plates are registered in the next three months, the Whitefish Trail license plate will likely be removed from the program. Help us reach 400 and keep our WT license plate out on the road. WLP receives $25 for every tag, so 400 tags would generate $10,000 every year! That’s 25% of the Whitefish Trail annual maintenance budget.

What if I currently have a WT License Plate?

Tell your friends and family to sign up to help us reach 400! If we do not reach 400 registrations, you can keep your tag until your next annual registration, OR if you have permanent tags, you can keep them for the life of the vehicle. Stay tuned.

Losing the tags will have a huge impact as they have generated approximately $4,000 in consistent funding annually. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the program thus far. We love seeing the WT plates around town and at trailheads!  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you the next time you have to renew your vehicle’s registration. The new regulations prevent organizations from re-applying for new specialty tags for 4 years. Send us photos of you and your tags! We’d love to see where they have helped us promote the Whitefish Trail locally, throughout Montana, and all across the US and Canada.


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