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Whitefish Trail Featured on Crown of the Continent

Whitefish Legacy Partners and the Whitefish Trail have been featured on the Crown of the Continent’s website. Click here to visit our information page and see maps, photos, and more!

About Crown of the Continent:

The Crown of the Continent Geotourism Council is a regional network of communities, tourism bureaus, conservation and business groups, educators, First Nations, government agencies, and others working together in the region that includes and surrounds Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park in southwestern Alberta, southeastern British Columbia, and northwestern Montana. Established in 2007, the partnership’s focus to date has been collaboration with National Geographic Society on the Crown of the Continent MapGuide and the development of this website.

The Council serves as a source of information about the Crown of the Continent region for visitors and residents to understand, appreciate, and help preserve its geographic character, including historical, cultural and environmental heritage. Looking forward, the Council intends to pursue cooperative projects that promote regional understanding and appreciation, encourage sustainable businesses, support community well-being, advance landscape stewardship, and provide outstanding visitor experiences.

Participation in the Council is voluntary and without cost. As an educational and information-sharing network, it is open to all groups and individuals who embrace our vision and goals.

CONTACT:Dylan Boyle Project Coordinator / Website Editor (406) 599-7929


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