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Whitefish Credit Union Commits $50,000 as Legacy Sponsor!

Whitefish Credit Union has pledged $50,000 as a Legacy Sponsor to support Whitefish Legacy Partners and the Whitefish Trail for years to come. With an increased interest in outdoor recreation, rising development pressure, and a growing need for outdoor education opportunities, Whitefish Credit Union’s generous giving of $10,000 per year for five years is a long-term investment in the future of our local lands.

“Since 1934, we have been committed to a vibrant future for Whitefish. As a Legacy Sponsor of the Whitefish Trail, we wanted to give back to a project that has brought so much to our community. Yes, the economic impact of the Whitefish Trail is tremendous, but the benefits to our quality of life and overall health and wellness are even greater. We support our local non-profits who work so hard to make Whitefish a better place to live and play.” Jim Kenyon, WCU President and CEO

Interest in the Whitefish Trail and local conservation has grown immensely over the last year, and we are excited Whitefish Credit Union has stepped up as a Legacy Sponsor to help with the next five years of trail development, conservation projects, and free outdoor education programming. Their generous commitment is invaluable to our long-term efforts to maintain our existing recreation infrastructure, and we deeply appreciate their long-term dedication to our work.


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