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Reservoir Trailhead Opens!

The Reservoir Trailhead is officially open! Enjoy access to the new Whitefish Trail in Haskill and explore the park-like trailhead complete with benches, picnic areas, and an ADA interpretive trail. The trailhead is the site of a historic homestead, and you can learn about artifacts recovered during construction and view a historic outdoor chimney used by the Baker Family.

This trailhead is Whitefish’s gateway to Haskill Basin and connects via 5.5 miles of new trail to the new Big Mountain Trailhead on Big Mountain Road. Explore lush cedar groves, appreciate the commanding views from the new Valley Overlook, and get a unique persepctive of the Whitefish Range from the views at Haskill Lake.

Take Wisconsin Avenue North from downtown Whitefish, and in 1.8 miles, turn right onto Reservoir Road. The trailhead is 1/2 mile up Reservoir Road on the left, immediately adjacent to the City of Whitefish Water Treatment Facility.


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