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Jr. Explorers Club: Bringing our Bigger Back Yard to Life

Jr. Explorers Club: Bringing Our Bigger Backyard to Life

The fire triangle lesson: understanding the necessary ingredients for most fires.

Whitefish Legacy Partners and the Whitefish Trail hosted a six week afterschool program. Elementary students explored nature and played games to learn about wildlife, plants, water, forests and more.

Discussing careers in the forest.

Fire triangle exercicse.

A huge thank you to the Flathead Forest Service and Flathead Audubon for letting us borrow their educational trunks and to Whitefish Lake Institute for teaching us about aquatic insects.

A demonstration with matches! to illustrate how forest fires move. Timber management is an essential component to healthy forests, and helps prevent forest fires.

For more photos of our Junior Explorers Club, click here.


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