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Early Spring Conditions on the Whitefish Trail

The Whitefish Trail is a wonderful resource for exercise and a great way to enjoy early spring. This time of year everyone is excited to dust off their bikes and dig their hiking boots out of the back of the closet. Although we are all anxious to get out on the Whitefish Trail, it’s important to remember that the spring thaw coupled with heavy use can take a toll on the trail. 

It’s true that mountain bikes, horse hooves and boots can all cope with wet and muddy trails, but trails are especially vulnerable during the freeze and thaw cycles this time of year.  Riding on waterlogged and soft trails can create ruts and channeling of water leading to excessive erosion. All trail users are urged to avoid using the trail when muddy conditions exist.

Whitefish Trail Condition Report: April 3, 2014

Lion Mountain: Patches of snow still exist on shady or low sections of the trail. Recent snow melt has resulted in fragile trail conditions all along the trail. Please refrain from biking or horseback riding when wet and muddy conditions exist.

Beaver Lakes: Snow covered and slushy with patches of ice. Exercise caution when traveling on these trails or be prepared with non-slip tread.

Swift Creek: The road to the trailhead is passable with larger clearance vehicles. Large ice ruts may be more difficult for low clearance vehicles to negotiate. Trail is snow covered and slushy.

Please email if you have any updated trail conditions to report. 


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