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“Double” Your Donation Today!

Whitefish Legacy Partners is participating in the GREAT FISH Community Challenge and we have set a goal to raise $40,000 this summer!  Donations will be maximized with a match from the Whitefish Community Foundation and we need your support TODAY.

Our anchor project, the Whitefish Trail, is an incredible community asset and we continue to pursue innovative conservation projects and offer outdoor education opportunities to the community. We need your support this summer and every year!

Funds will be used to support trail planning in Haskill Basin including finalizing trail easements and agreements, completing site planning and engineering in partnership with the Glacier Nordic Club to incorporate a groomed, Nordic trail as the ‘winter Whitefish Trail’, and securing required Whitefish Trail construction funding to begin Spring 2017. Simultaneously, WLP will be the primary catalyst in our Vision 2020:Close the Loop effort to complete the Whitefish Trail in upcoming years. WLP will initiate trail planning and design, a community-based economic impact study, community outreach, funding feasibility, and conservation planning associated with completing the 55-mile loop of the Whitefish Trail around Whitefish Lake.

Official donor forms are available at our office or donate online at GREAT FISH Community Challenge. Please make a donation TODAY and help us continue to be a community leader!


Woods Lake Loop Trail


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