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DNRC Releases Close the Loop Draft EA

Anytime a project is proposed on State Trust Lands, the DNRC must adhere to the Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) and complete an extensive environmental review. Experts in soils, hydrology, wildlife, safety, and economics review each proposal and determine the cumulative effects and impacts of No Action and Action alternatives.

The City of Whitefish formally submitted the community’s Close the Loop proposal to the DNRC in June 2017. The proposal underwent a 30 day public scoping period and a nine-month environmental review. The DNRC has recently released the draft Environmental Assessment for the Close the Loop project. We need your help to submit comments in support of the project by April 21. 

Permanently remove development rights from 480 acres around Smith Lake

  1. Purchase permanent trail easements for 13.1 miles of trail to connect Beaver Lakes to Smith Lake (9.7 miles new trails and 3.4 miles of existing trails)

  2. Construct the Smith Lake South Trailhead

  3. Develop day-use improved recreation and education opportunities at Smith Lake

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please submit comments by April 21

to Nicole Stickney, OR (406)-881-2666


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