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Beaver to Boyle Timber Sale 

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the DNRC’s upcoming timber sale in Beaver Lakes has been released and will be sent to the MT Land Board for approval on February 18, 2020. WLP and the City of Whitefish have been working with the DNRC in hopes of ensuring that existing and future recreation opportunities are protected. The timber sale objectives are:

  1. Establish areas of tree regeneration to improve tree growth and bio-diversity

  2. Reduce fuel loading within the Wildlife Urban Interface (WUI)

  3. Contribute to DNRC’s statewide and local annual timber harvest targets

  4. Apply Best Management Practices to promote long-term water quality

  5. Assure Streamside Management Zone (SMZ) laws and Forest Management rules are met

  6. Maintain existing recreation uses including provisions for future identified recreation development

Logging will take place from 2020-2023 during the winter season to lessen impacts to soils, wildlife, water quality, and recreation. Road improvements are planned throughout the year, and WLP and the DNRC will provide logging operation updates to the public and trail users. View DNRC’s proposed harvest units and road improvements in the full EA linked below.

Did you know Lion Mountain was logged in 2008? The area now boasts abundant wildflowers, huckleberries, increased fire resilience, and improved lines of sight. Active timber management is integral to the Whitefish Area Neighborhood Plan (2004) and generates revenue for MT Schools and Universities, supports local jobs, improves biodiversity, and increases fire resilience in our community.


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