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SHOW YOUR SUPPORT Monday Nov 5 City Council Meeting

Join us at Monday’s City Council Meeting to show your support for conservation, education, and recreation– and Whitefish Legacy Partners!

We have accomplished so much since 2003, and with your help we will cross our next important milestone. Help us:

1. Secure public access forever

No matter who owns these lands in the future, public access will be guaranteed. Our community will never lose the right to recreate on these public lands.

2. Secure current and future trails

We have built 22 miles of multi-use recreational trails for all to enjoy. We will continue to build more trail each year.

Join us for the Grand Opening of Swift Creek Trailhead Nov 14th at 4pm. Click here for more details.

3. Guarantee no development

 Our natural landscape will remain pristine for all generations to come.

Join us at City Hall at 7:10pm. 

For the Meeting Agenda, click here.

For the Meeting Packet section, click here.

For the map of the Legacy Lands easements, click here.

For the article in the Daily Interlake, click here.


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