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Mid July Trail Report

Get your baskets, buckets, and baggies and hit the Trail - the huckleberries are ripe and ready. We are hearing reports of plentiful hucks from Lion Mountain up to Holbrook and everywhere in between. Serviceberries, buffaloberries, mountain ash berries, and chokecherries are also ripening. If you are going out on the hunt for huckleberries, remember that the harvest slowly ripens over the next month as you climb in elevation. Another good reminder is to be Bear Aware - going with a friend or two and carrying bear spray are smart steps to take. Happy berry picking!

The heat has arrived in full force, and this is a great time of year to explore our coolest sections of trail. Starting at the Woods Lake trailhead you can hike or bike a three-mile loop and visit four scenic lakes. On the Haskill trail, between Big Mountain and Reservoir trailheads, you can stroll through noticeably cooler creekside sections while listening to the flute like call of the Swainson’s Thrush. The 1.3 mile Swift Creek loop is another great choice for a shady trail through mature forests. Whether you’re on a longer ride or just a quick walk, visiting these parts of the trail during the heat of the day is a real treat.

We hope you get out and enjoy our community trail system and consider a donation this summer to give back to the trail and open spaces you love!

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