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Hit the Trail Challenge another HUGE success!

Congratulations on another hugely successful Hit the Trail Challenge! Hikers, bikers, and runners were crisscrossing the 47 miles of the Whitefish Trail all month long in May. Community participants in the Challenge logged an incredible 19,007 miles in 31 days to help support trail maintenance and operations. Given that the spirit of the Challenge is really about getting as many people out on the Trail as possible during the month of May, we checked our trail counter data at the end of the month and are excited to announce the total number of miles tallied was 31,790! It's exciting to know that people were getting after it and enjoying the Trail. The Hit the Trail Challenge is an important fundraiser for the Whitefish Trail and we thank each and every one of you for participating.

Our workplace teams logged 5,988 miles and the Whitefish Middle School logged 2,399 miles! We are so grateful for our 14 teams - a little local competition makes this event even more fun. And we are SO PROUD of the Middle School! We hope you enjoyed your time on the trail with all the spring wildflowers. Thank you again to our prize sponsors Glacier Cyclery & Nordic and Sportsman & Ski Haus.

Individual Winners

Total MILES logged


  • Whitney Geiger: 324 miles

  • Noel Huettich: 167 miles

  • Chris Crumal: 145 miles

  • Vicki Bernstein: 116 miles


  • Geoff Gibb: 686 miles

  • Stella Hobbs: 438 miles

  • Mark Ambre: 437 miles

  • Eric Greenberg: 380 miles


  • Ervin Ingraham: 181 miles

  • Audra Tasa: 156 miles

  • Tristan Scott: 120 miles

  • Franz Ingelfinger: 88 miles

Workplace Teams Winner

1st Place: Muldown Elementary School Teachers: 78 points

2nd Place: Glacier Cyclery & Nordic: 52 points

3rd Place: The Wave: 51 points

4th Place: Glacier Nordic Club: 49 points

Congratulations Whitefish Mountain Resortfor the Most Team Participants on their workplace team. Nice work engaging your employees!


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