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Economic Impact of the Whitefish Trail

We are excited to announce the results of our recent economic impact study of local outdoor recreation and the Whitefish Trail! The community’s investment in conservation, recreation, and education opportunities on our local lands is paying off in a big way.

This research study was produced by Headwaters Economics in partnership with Whitefish Legacy Partners and the the Whitefish Convention and Visitors Bureau to understand the trail’s impact on local businesses and residents’ quality of life. Here’s what we found:

-Outdoor recreation is the most important reason why visitors come to Whitefish and why locals stay in the community.

-The Whitefish Trail contributes to $6.4 million in annual spending by visitors who come to enjoy the trail and by locals who purchase or rent outdoor gear at local stores. Spending by visitors who use the Whitefish Trail translates to 68 additional jobs and $1.9 million in labor income in Whitefish.

-Spending by people visiting Whitefish mainly for outdoor recreation in the area amounts to approximately $101 million in spending, 1,460 jobs and $41.1 million in labor income annually.

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