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Beaver Lakes Project Fundraising Update

The Beaver Lakes Conservation Easement project took a giant step forward towards the finish line when the Whitefish Community Foundation provided Whitefish Legacy Partners (WLP) with a $100,000 Major Challenge Grant. This challenge grant requires Whitefish Legacy Partners to raise $100,000, which will then be matched with a $100,000 grant from the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Major Grant Program.

As of Friday, December 12th, we have raised $85,000 since the Major Grant Challenge was awarded.   In order to complete the project, we need to raise 

the final $15,000!

Final payment due December 31, 2014.  Help us finish the remaining <1%!

The City of Whitefish in partnership with Whitefish Legacy Partners has secured an easement on 1,520 acres for public recreation and conservation in the treasured Beaver Lakes area. The Beaver Lakes Project allows for continued forest management, permanent public access, no development, and offers the community a quality recreation amenity.


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