2021 Hit The Trail Challenge!

The 2021 Hit the Trail Challenge starts May 1st! Our generous health and wellness sponsors have pledged $25,000 in matching funds, and we need YOUR help to get every dollar! Every mile logged on the Whitefish Trail during the month of May will be matched by $1 donated to support our local trail and protected lands. Sign up below to receive rules, updates, and instructions on how to log your miles. Sign up for free as an individual or participate as a Workplace Team for $125 fee.


  1. 1. Use this ONLINE FORM. (Linked here and also below).
  2. 2. Join our Hit the Trail! Challenge Strava Club (and make your activities PUBLIC). We’ll track your WT miles for you!
  3. 3. Download a paper form HERE and submit by May 31st

Total miles for an activity count as long as your adventure takes you on the Whitefish Trail. For example, if you ride your bike from your house to Lion Mountain, ALL of your trip miles count including pedestrian commuter miles.

Workplace Team Information

  • -Workplace team registration fee of $150 can be paid directly to WLP either by mailing a check to PO Box 1895, WF, 59937 OR by a one-time donation though our website www.whitefishlegacy.org/donate. Agency partners, monetary sponsors of the challenge, teachers groups, schools, and other community non-profits can create a workplace team for FREE. If you sponsor WLP and the Whitefish Trail in another way, and this fee will be a burden for your business, just let me know. We hope that you will invest in your employee’s health and wellness by participating in the Challenge.
  • Email us a list of all your participants (first and last name) and their emails by May 1st. We will not share emails but will be sending out Challenge updates, events, announcements etc. If you need to add participants after May 1st, that’s OK. We will create your team on the backend and organize the Workplace leaderboard. If members of your team have already signed up as individuals, that is OK…still include them in your team list.
  • -Immediate family members of your employees can join your Workplace Team.
  • -Your team will be responsible for tracking their Whitefish Trail miles individually either by joining the Strava clubfilling out the online form, or filling out a paper form. More info at www.whitefishlegacy.org/hitthetrail.
  • -Only miles on the Whitefish Trail count, including miles for your entire activity. For example, if you leave your house on foot for a quick run at Lion Mountain, your total trip miles can count.
  • -Teams will be ranked by a ‘per employee average’ with a multiplier to adjust for bikes/horses. If an employee does not log any miles, they will not bring down your average. Total miles logged regardless of mode of travel will still be published on the leaderboard. Members of your WorkplaceTeam will still compete for the individual awards for most miles biked, hiked, run, or ridden on horseback. We will also give awards to the Workplace Team with most miles biked, run, hiked, and ridden on Horseback, but there will only be one overall winner & leaderboard based on the employee average with bike/horse adjustment.

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