Mid-May 2020 Trail Report

Wildflowers are in bloom, and our local landscape is teeming with new growth. Heartleaf arnica, trillium, and serviceberry are just a few of the wildflowers that are in full bloom right now. Since Lion Mountain was logged 12 years ago, it has become a perfect place to search for these splashes of color. The Skyles… Read more »

Mid-April Trail Report

     It has been wonderful to see so many families out enjoying the Whitefish Trail these days. With everyone driving separately, the trailheads have been busy, and we have been pleased with the community effort to socially distance while out recreating on our local lands. We hope you’re getting outside to soak up vitamin… Read more »

Early April Trail Report

The Whitefish Trail has become a small beacon of light for our community as we adjust and navigate the unknown. Aren’t we lucky to have a backyard trail system that provides solace to body and mind? The trail has become even more important as the ski hill, local gyms, and yoga studios have closed to combat… Read more »

Mid March 2020 Trail Report

Spring is certainly in the air. Daylight Savings Time has made after-work excursions possible, and it is hard not to think about the upcoming summer trail season. The Whitefish Trail is often the first regional trail system to melt out because of it’s low-elevation, open and managed forests, and southern exposure. As your trail shoes… Read more »

Mid-February Trail Report

Old man winter continues to keep outdoor recreationists and local weather forecasters on their toes. February came in like a lion with wind storms, snow, ice, and even warm soaking rain. Thankfully, these intermittent storms were abbreviated by restorative periods of sunshine, blue skies, and better visibility. Sunshine these days is kind of like a… Read more »

Mid-October Trail Report

It’s time to get OUTSIDE! With winter knocking on our door, those perfect autumn days on the Whitefish Trail are numbered. These periodic fall showers have been great for trail conditions, and all of the trees from the last wind storm have been cleared. Let us know if you see any more downfall, and we’ll… Read more »

September Trail Report

September Trail Report By Alan Myers-Davis, WLP Director of Development Wow, that was a lot of rain yesterday! Fall trail season is officially here with the leaves changing color and moisture back on the ground. The Whitefish Trail has been in great shape for all types of recreation, and now that the summer dust has… Read more »

August Trail Report

Summer has definitely arrived! The sunny, hot weather of late has dried out the trail and created some dusty corners. I have been enjoying the early morning hours for my trail adventures in order to avoid the hottest (and smokiest) parts of the day. With cooler weather and some moisture in the forecast for this… Read more »

July Trail Report

This summer will be remembered for a few years to come. Consistent soaking rains have created a lush landscape not seen in recent memory throughout NW Montana. Local gardens are bursting with growth (and with weeds), and local vegetable farmers have saved on irrigation. Summer-like weather is a little late to the party this year with our… Read more »

June Trail Report

We’ll take all the recent moisture if these wildflowers keep blooming! The dashes of purple, red, yellow, and white alongside the Whitefish Trail seem to last longer this season, and we have heard reports (and seen ourselves) that this year’s huckleberry crop could be BIG. The recent rain has also been great for the tread… Read more »

End of May Trail Report

     May might be the BEST month to explore our local open lands on the Whitefish Trail. September is a close second, but nothing can touch May. As we patiently await the high country to melt and Logan Pass to open, our local trail system offers a dry, snow-free option for early season adventures…. Read more »

Mid May Trail Report

Wildflower season has officially started on the Whitefish Trail. Arrowleaf balsamroot is in full show, especially on exposed, western terrain while Heartleaf arnica, Indian paintbrush, and serviceberry are just starting to bloom. Every day, the underbrush turns more green as huckleberries and rocky mountain maple leaf out. May is the perfect time to be outside…. Read more »

Early May Trail Report

27 miles of perfect trail. Last weekend, we left the house early on Saturday morning to dodge the impending spring storm that would bring cold, soaking rains and a dusting of snow to the valley. We quickly gained the single track of Lion Mountain and dropped down the cliff band towards Skyles and Beaver Lakes…. Read more »

Early April Trail Report

What a difference a month makes! With longer days and plenty of sunshine, the Whitefish Trail is quickly melting out. South Spencer, Lupfer, Lion Mountain, and Skyles are 95% snow-free with only those stubborn, shaded corners holding slivers of snow. Beaver Lakes and Swift Creek are a little slower to melt out with those trails… Read more »

Mid-March Trail Report

Who is ready for trail season? Spring is a funny time in NW Montana. With the coldest start to March in recent memory, temperatures can swing wildly during a month that struggles to find its identity. The Kalispell airport set a daily record low temperature on March 4th of -20F, and next week, the forecast… Read more »

Mid-February Trail Report

by Alan Myers-Davis, WLP Director of Development  Winter has finally arrived in full force in Northwest Montana. With several recent snow storms and more on the way, the Whitefish Trail is finally feeling like a winter wonderland. Snow blankets the landscape and hangs lightly to every tree branch and pine needle. This week during an… Read more »

Mid-January Trail Report

The lack of consistent, big valley snows has made recreating on the Whitefish Trail a bit easier this winter. The trails close-in to the trailheads are hard-packed and icy but snowshoeing, hiking, and even trail running with micro-spikes can be enjoyed along most of the Trail, even those harder to reach places like South Spencer and… Read more »

Mid-December Trail Report

Although we wish this rain was falling as snow, all 42 miles of the Whitefish Trail are in great shape for hiking, running, and even fat biking! Hard packed snow and ice cover the trail, so traction devices are recommended for all modes of use. While Lion Mountain and Big Mountain trailheads are the busiest… Read more »

Mid-November Trail Report

November is a month of transition. The bright fall colors, blue skies, and rich sunlight of October eventually give way to cloudy skies, freezing temps, and the region’s first snowfall. It’s a time when trail shoes and ski boots share the same shelf in the mudroom, and depending on the weather, you could be mountain… Read more »

Late October Trail Report

Although the hail currently hitting our office skylight is definitely a sign of winter’s return, this October has been one of the best in recent memory. The golden hues of autumn seem more vibrant than ever and that deep-blue, Montana sky lasted day after day. With the return of fall moisture, the trail has been… Read more »