Late March Trail Report

Spring is knocking on the door of Northwest Montana, and the heavy valley snows of last winter are finally melting out. Although the parking lot was empty at Lion Mountain this morning, an early morning walk to the Skyles Overlook found a flurry of activity. These longer days of spring do not just inspire humans to get outside, clean the house, or plan for summer, they stir up the forests’s winter stagnation. High in the canopy, woodpeckers were flitting excitedly from tree to tree in search of bugs, beetles, and mates. Trees drop dead fall by swaying in afternoon breezes, squirrels feverishly jump from limb to limb in search new forage, and migratory birds start waking up the woods with song. April is a great time to rediscover our local trail system after months of hibernation. Just a few more weeks of above freezing temperatures and most of the trail should be snow-free. Soon we will be walking, riding, and running through a sea of wildflowers.

The Whitefish Trail is currently 80-90% snow covered, however, sunny exposures are losing coverage quickly. Better traction can be found in the mornings, when temps near or below freezing firm up the surface. There is currently a large boulder on the trail within the cliff band, so take care if traveling from the Skyles Overlook to the Skyles Trailhead. We have not received any reports of major trees down, and snow is still blocking access to Woods and Dollar Lakes. If you experience any adverse trail conditions this spring, please let us know! Adopt-A-Trail crews will be performing their spring work days in the coming months. Thanks for reading!           -Alan-