Mid-August Trail Report

It’s amazing how a couple of crisp mornings can temp the arrival of fall. It won’t be long before pumpkin lattes, beers, and chai-spiced teas dominate local menus and grocery store shelves. Not to worry, however, there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy the Whitefish Trail. The rain of last weekend temporarily improved soil moisture, but overall the trail system still remains dry. Atypical easterly winds associated with recent storms toppled a few trees, especially at Swift Creek and Beaver Lakes. Swift Creek was cleared by a volunteer, and a few trees still remain down on the Beaver Lake and the Woods Lake Loops. Take care when going around, over, or under these trees, and we’ll get them cleared as soon as we can.

Stage II fire restrictions have slowed trail construction but have not squashed our motivation to complete the Haskill and Twin Bridges projects by fall. Trail crews are starting at the crack of dawn in order to have their machines shut down by 1:00 pm and are taking all necessary precautions to prevent fires. Crews in Haskill are working hard to complete the 5.5 miles of new trail construction and contractors have broken ground on the Upper Haskill trailhead. If fire conditions get worse, we will prioritize opening the Upper Haskill TH for winter recreation. If you know an heirloom rain dance in the family archives, get those feet moving!

In addition, long-term improvements at the Twin Bridges trailhead (including a vault toilet) have been slowed by the fire restrictions. We still expect a contractor to break ground in September and have those improvements completed by the end of October. Stay tuned for updates, as the Twin Bridges trailhead will be temporarily closed during construction. See trail construction photos below.