Mid-August Trail Report

Wasn’t last weekend’s soaking rain storm the best? Our local lands were given a short-lived break from the heat as some weather stations in NW Montana reported over 1″ of rain. The precipitation was also welcome relief to local fire-fighters and land managers. The summer is long from over, however, as our local lands are still under Stage II fire restrictions.


With wildfire smoke temporarily eased this week, we hope you have taken advantage of the clear air to recreate on our local open lands. As the air heats up and dries out, smoke and dust will likely return. We have been busy removing trees from recent storms, and thanks so much for all your trail reports!


Early morning is often the best time to use the Whitefish Trail during August when humidity levels are highest and when temperatures are lowest. You’ll also get the added benefit of solitude during the early morning hours.


The entire Whitefish Trail system is open and ready for your trail adventures. Get outside with family or friends to explore our local lands. August is a great time to view nesting birds or event see whitetail deer with their antlers covered in velvet. You don’t know until you go!