Mid April Trail Report

The trail is SLOWLY melting out with reports of long stretches of bare ground in between Lion Mountain and the Skyles Connection. An attempt to run at Spencer this week was thwarted by deep snow on north facing slopes, so Skyles offered much better option. We estimate the trail between Lion and Skyles to be 85% free of snow, except for those stubborn north and east shaded aspects.

Reports from elsewhere are limited, so be prepared for variable conditions. The roads to Beaver, Woods, and Dollar Lakes are melting out fast with only patches of ice and snow remaining. With 42 miles of Whitefish Trail suddenly revealing itself, early spring is the most vulnerable time for potential damage from overuse. Instead of mountain biking or horseback riding early in the season, consider a hike instead. Take care if using the trail during wet and muddy conditions, and hopefully these spring showers will turn into long sunny days. The tread needs time to dry out in preparation for another busy season on our local trail. Thanks for reading, and send us your trail reports!