June 2021 Trail Report

May brought beneficial rains to NW Montana which inspired a flourish of plant growth and wildflower blooms on the Whitefish Trail. Native grasses and woody shrubs are bright green as every plant competes for rays of sunlight.
The Whitefish Trail continues to be in great shape for all types of non-motorized recreation. The Haskill Trail is fully melted out and only a few wet spots remain. Wildflowers continue their show, and we’ll be picking huckleberries in just over a month. Now is the time to enjoy the trail before summer heat arrives.
As you get out on the trail, remember to carry bear spray and practice proper trail etiquette. The Whitefish Trail is open to the public, and we ask for your mutual respect when interacting with other trail users. Did you know a downhill hiker still has the right of way to an uphill biker? Policy states that bikers must yield to hikers and both must yield to horseback riders. In certain unique situations, however, it might make more sense for a hiker to step off the trail or a horseback rider to voluntarily let a trail runner pass. When you encounter another trail user, it’s important to stop and communicate.
When I am out biking and come across a hiker for instance, I always pull over and stop, say hi, and ask if they would like to come through as they have the right of way. Sometimes hikers wave me through anyway, but I always respectfully ask and try to leave feeling positive about the interaction. After all, we are both out enjoying this amazing free community resource. Be a leader and help practice responsible recreation to your fellow trail users.