It’s June already? Latest WT Report

What an amazing end to May! The weather the past two weeks has been idyllic with sunny days and crisp mornings. Wildflowers are reaching peak bloom along the Whitefish Trail with balsam root, lady slippers, heart leaf arnica, false solomon seal, and bear grass making appearances on the Whitefish Trail. Keep your eyes peeled for tiny green berries hiding in the under brush! We have noticed an abundance immature huckleberries and have our fingers crossed for a bumper crop on the trail. Early in May, some lucky trail users even found baskets of morels (literally) in the Beaver Lakes area.

The latest wind storm brought down over 10 trees along the trail system, and our quick-to-act chain-saw volunteers made a huge dent in the work. Long-time Whitefish Trail volunteer, Bill Love, spent four hours clearing 5 trees along the Dollar Lake/Little Beaver Lake loop, and Jamie Moore with Big Mountain Tree service made final cuts to a big tree in Beaver Lake. Adopt-A-Trail crew, Northwest Montana Backcountry Horsemen, also cleared a few stubborn trees at Lupfer. Thanks to everyone on the WT bike patrol and trail crews for letting us know about downed trees and problem areas, and a special thanks to our tree volunteers for keeping the trail open!

The trail has been riding, running, and walking great in the past two weeks.  Maybe its the extra rain or the long winter, but this year’s undergrowth seems more robust than normal. Swaths of green have taken over the forest floor and bright larch needles are fully emerged. I have enjoyed the solitude at Lion Mountain before work, and Woods Lake has been a great spring destination. Be aware that a wet April has contributed to a healthy mosquito population this year. Take your bug spray or keep moving! The following photos are from WT volunteer Devvi Morgan. She completed this hike around Dollar and Little Beaver Lake this weekend and even spotted a pair of nesting Loons. We have National trails Day this Saturday June 3rd from 9-12 am at Lion Mountain, and a guided birding hike next Thursday morning from 9-11 am at Dollar Lake. We’ll see you out on the trail! Thanks for reading.