Early September Trail Report

September is one of our favorite months on the Whitefish Trail. Crowds disperse, weather changes, and flora and fauna start their annual preparations for winter. Each passing morning seems slightly more crisp than the last, and afternoons are near perfect with warm temperatures and low humidity. With a little over a month left until snow starts flying, we encourage you to soak up the sun while you can. Get out for a run or hike in new area of the trail you’ve never explored.
The trail is dry and dusty in spots but is holding up better than normal for this time of year, thanks to the occasional rain over the last month. Shaded areas like Swift Creek, upper Haskill, or Beaver Lakes are good options for warmer afternoons. Keep sending in your trail reports! Community reporting is essential to address maintenance projects and keep the trail safe from downfall.
We are excited to complete another NEW bench installation on the trail! This new bench on the shores of Spencer Lake is in memory of James How. It’s the perfect spot to relax and take in the scenery after an outing on the trail. Follow the footpath down from the Twin Bridges Trailhead, and you can’t miss it. Thank you How Family.
New James How Memorial bench at Spencer Lake
As you get out and explore the Whitefish Trail this fall,
we’d love to see your photos and hear your trail stories!