Early November Trail Report Welcome to Winter!

An abrupt transition to winter arrived last week as temperatures dropped and snow started piling up throughout the Flathead Valley. Winter is the perfect time to get out on the Whitefish Trail. Game trails materialize as animal tracks coalesce into a quilt-work of highways and byways, and the muffled silence of snowfall begs introspection. Grab snow shoes, micro-spikes, XC skis, or a fat bike to explore the beauty of winter this season.

The trail tools have been organized in the shed, final raking and drainage work is complete, and the far-to-reach trailheads have been tucked in for a long winter’s sleep. As we transition into a fun winter season of recreating on local lands, we have a few reminders about accessing the Whitefish Trail during winter.

Trails at Lion Mountain, Swift Creek, Skyles, and Beaver Lake are currently hard packed with isolated icy spots. These locations tend to stay hard packed through much of the winter and rarely require the use of snowshoes or skis. Micro-spikes are recommended, however, and the farther you venture from the trailhead, the less packed the trails become.

We are happy to announce two NEW benches recently installed at scenic overlooks. You no longer have to sit on a logs while enjoying the view at the Swift Creek Overlook or at the Woods Lake Overlook Loop. The Swift Creek Overlook is the perfect place for winter solitude and is only a half mile from the trailhead. The Woods Lake Overlook Loop might have to wait until spring as the access road is not plowed during winter.

If you have any trail reports or would like to submit photos of your last adventure, please let us know! info@whitefishlegacy.org

Trailheads plowed for winter:

  • Lion Mountain
  • Beaver Lakes
  • Skyles
  • Swift Creek
  • South Spencer
  • Big Mountain (once construction is complete)
  • Reservoir Road (once construction is complete)

Trailheads NOT plowed for winter:

  • North Beaver
  • Woods Lake
  • Dollar Lake
  • Twin Bridges
  • Smith Lake