Early May Trail Report

It’s amazing how the first sunny 70 degree day can elicit the same emotions as a 12” powder day during the winter. Drop everything! Get outside! Soak up some Vitamin D while you can! The Whitefish Trail is the PERFECT destination during these first days of spring. You can be in the woods in seconds, enjoying a world-class trail system out our community’s back door.

The trail is starting to green up nicely. Balsam Root sprouts cover the forest floor and the first Larch needles are bursting out, eager to start working. I even saw my first wildflower of the season at Swiftcreek. A small group of Trillium nestled in the undergrowth gave the landscape some much welcomed color after such a grey spring.

Wildlife sightings are also starting to pick up along the trail system. In the last two weeks, MT Fish, Wildlife, & Parks (FWP) has confirmed two mountain lion kills at Lion Mountain, and today a mother grizzly bear with two cubs was spotted at Lupfer. It’s a good reminder to carry bear spray while out enjoying the landscape.

April’s trail usage increased, despite record rainfall. Lion Mountain only experience slight increases in user traffic (3,399 visits in March and 3,769 in April) while Beaver Lakes and Twin Bridges saw the most increase in traffic (Beaver increased from 350 visits to 571, while Spencer increased from 165 visits to 815 visits). Some of those visits at Spencer are due to DNRC post-logging operations.

Send us your photos and your trail reports. We would love to get some information about the Woods, Dollar, and Beaver Lakes trails. Remember to avoid muddy sections of the trail as ruts can last all year long. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you out there!