Early April Trail Report

The Whitefish Trail is open for business! Below average valley snowpack and above average March temperatures have quickly melted snow and ice, and most of the trail is ready for trail use. Lion Mountain and Skyles are 100% snow, ice, and mud free. Goguen’s Gulley is also completely dry, and only a few stubborn sections of snow and mud remain in the ‘old burn’ section between Skyles and Beaver Lakes.

The South Beaver Loop is free of snow, and the ‘Beaver Tail’ down to Beaver Lake is dry and ready for your trail adventures. The DNRC road to Beaver Lake, however, still has some healthy packed ice, so 4WD vehicles are needed until the road is more clear. As you venture out further into Woods and Dollar Lakes, expect a few trees down and some moist sections of trail.The west side of Spencer is cleared and dry, while sections of the east loop are still holding onto mud and some snow.

The Haskill Trail is snow-free from the Reservoir Trailhead up to the radio tower (approximately 2 miles), then the snow starts and goes all the way up to Big Mountain Trailhead. Haskill usually doesn’t dry out until May and always needs more time until it’s ready for bikes.

As a reminder, if you encounter a small muddy section, please stay in the middle of the tread. Widening the trail to avoid mud can create permanent damage to the tread and surrounding vegetation. Additionally, horses can create lasting damage when trail conditions are muddy, so horseback riders should seek only those 100% snow-free, dry sections of trail

Some small sections of snow and mud remain between Skyles and Beaver.
Beaver Lake is melting out and almost ready for boats!
The Beaver Lake Road still has a big section of ice. 4WD recommended