Early April Trail Report

What a difference a month makes! With longer days and plenty of sunshine, the Whitefish Trail is quickly melting out. South Spencer, Lupfer, Lion Mountain, and Skyles are 95% snow-free with only those stubborn, shaded corners holding slivers of snow. Beaver Lakes and Swift Creek are a little slower to melt out with those trails 65% snow free, and climbing the Haskill trail from the Reservoir Trailhead, snow is encountered as you enter the Iron Horse property. If you encounter patches of snow and ice,  please stay on the tread to prevent widening and damage to vegetation.

During a recent morning run at Lion Mountain, I stopped at the Skyles Overlook to enjoy the view. As I sat in silence, the world came alive with motion. Nuthatches were flitting from branch to branch, a chipmunk nervously approached in hopes of a snack, a family of Whitetail deer bounded up the hill, and somewhere in the forest, a woodpecker was vigorously tapping a tree out of either boredom or hunger. I was reminded that The Whitefish Trail is surrounded by conservation lands that also provide permanent wildlife habitat to our furry and feathered friends. Next time you are out exploring, see what wildlife is also out enjoying our local lands.

Send us your Whitefish Trail reports! We know of three small trees down on the South Beaver Loop, but overall,  the winter downfall has been minimal. As spring rains return this weekend, be mindful of muddy conditions. Deep ruts, hoof prints, and boot tracks can damage the tread.