Early April Trail Report

With sunnier skies and longer days, our local trail system is slowly revealing itself from a long winter’s sleep. For the first time this year, trail users are reporting bare tread on south-facing, open slopes. Lion Mountain is currently 85% covered with soft snow and 15% open ground while Swift Creek is still 90% covered.  Beaver Lakes access roads to Woods, Rainbow, and Dollar Lakes are still inaccessible due to snow cover.
As the spring melt gets into full gear, we ask that you avoid using all local trails during upcoming muddy conditions. If you are out on a hike and come across a large mud pit or a section of standing water, please do not create your own trail around the bog. Widened trails are difficult to rehab, can damage plants, and can create further drainage issues. Also, when the mud dries, deep ruts and footprints will be around all summer. Thanks for being patient!