Dollar Lake Goodness

Early spring is the perfect time to explore the Whitefish Trail.  Not only is our local trail system one of the first to be snow-free, but it is also one of the first trail systems to dry out every year.  We would like to extend a huge thanks to our team of trail designers and builders for doing such an amazing job managing drainage.  It’s truly an art that leads to a durable trail surface, lasting for years to come.  While we await mountain trails to reveal dormant tread, let us not forget there are new experiences to be found along the 36 miles of our local trail system just steps from town.

Dollar Lake is the Whitefish Trail’s newest trailhead. Roughly three miles of brand new single-track explore three secluded lakes and offer another wonderful loop option connecting to Woods Lake Overlook.   Built last October, the flowy turns snaking down to Beaver and Little Beaver Lakes have been under snow all winter and are now revealing another gem destination on the trail.  Mountain bikers will find nicely banked turns with perfectly tacky dirt while hikers will enjoy access to water-front views of four lakes. Bring a fishing rod and try your best to catch some lake trout or bring binoculars to watch the loons swim in pairs.  Either way, take pause.  No road access to Little Beaver Lake fosters a certain sense of remoteness that cannot go unnoticed.  It is both the only section of Whitefish Trail where I have seen a black bear and the only section of Whitefish Trail that packs such a density of scenic lakes. Each one has its own unique character, but they all share the same deep greenish hue.

Every spring reveals downed trees, and today we found 6 small trees crossing the Dollar Lakes section of trail. We will be dispatching our tree removal volunteers over the coming weeks and hope to have the entire trail cleared by May.  Thanks for all the input over the past few weeks…we truly appreciate all the eyes and ears out on the trail!

Thanks for reading.