Wildflower Report- Back to Dollar Lake

Sometimes I get a heavy dose of unnecessary indecision when deciding where to go for a trail report.  Do I head out to Swift Creek to explore the old growth forest?  Should I report on the newly licensed (but not yet open) East/West connector trail at Spencer Mountain?  Or do I stay close to town and write about our reliable and consistent trail at Lion Mountain?  I feel fortunate to be caught in such a predicament!  We get reports from around the trail system that are a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have 36 miles of trail and ten trailheads so close to town.

Just today, Charlie, one of our most devoted Whitefish Trail ambassadors exclaimed, “Have you seen the bear grass blooming on the Woods Lake Overlook Loop?! It’s amazing!”

Last week, a trail volunteer from ZaneRay stated “That new trail down in South Spencer is awesome!  The Balsam Root is in peak bloom along the ridge, and the lupine is starting to flower!  I have to come back here with my bike.”

We love getting these reports.  Keep tagging WLP and the Whitefish Trail on social media because you never know who will be inspired to get outside.

This week was a dual purpose trip out to Dollar Lake: work and play.  We needed to install some temporary signs on posts that were stolen early in the spring, measure trailhead maps being replaced, and check on a damaged corner dropping down from the overlook.  Dollar Lake continually surprises me.  I have been out there over a dozen times, and each visit always brings something new.

This week, the wildflowers are at their best.  Bear grass is blooming on the Woods Lake Overlook, balsam root is in full flower by Little Beaver lake, and the Llupine is showing bright blue throughout undergrowth.  The trail corridor continues to be in impeccable shape for bikers, trail runners, and walkers.  We even installed two more benches along the shoreline of Dollar Lake for those soaking up the moment. Take a fishing pole and try your luck for some trout along the north shore of Beaver Lake or bring some wood to enjoy the fire ring at Dollar Lake.

Swift Creek is also a great spot to explore.  I especially like meandering to the north end of the lake during these misty mornings.  The way the clouds hang over Whitefish Lake and the Whitefish Range brings back memories of living in southeast Alaska.

Reports from Beaver Lakes are very similar.  Great trails, beautiful flowers, and relative solitude. Get out to enjoy the Whitefish Trail this week!