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Mid-February Trail Report!

It sure has been a wild ride on the Whitefish Trail this winter. We have had multiple thaws, multiple deep freezes, and a lot in between. The blue-sky days have been few and far between, but boy have they been lovely when they arrive. At this point, most trails are well packed for walking, although given our regular freeze thaw cycles, traction devices are recommended across the entire Whitefish Trail system. Shaded areas or more sheltered trails such as Swift Creek and Reservoir Trailhead stay quite slippery.

And, a friendly reminder, please pick up your dog waste along the trail. There are mutt mitts at every trailhead, and no one likes to hike on a trail littered with dog poop. The rising number of Whitefish Trail users requires a higher level of personal responsibility and accountability to reduce the cumulative impacts of dog waste on and around the trail. Dog waste is a health threat to dogs, wild animals, and people, including giardia and parasites such as roundworms, hookworms and cryptosporidium. A single gram of feces contains an estimated 23 million bacteria!

PLEASE PLEASE pick up after your dog.

Send your winter trail reports and photos to!


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