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Frontcountry Recreation in Whitefish

Frontcountry recreation opportunities boost our quality of life and generate impactful economic returns for our community. The Whitefish Trail is a shining example of how multiple partners, donors, volunteers, and landowners have created a world-renowned, frontcountry trail system that connects our community to the open lands that surround Whitefish and Whitefish Lake.

Support from private landowners is critical to our success, and as the need for more recreation opportunities increases, we must continue to respect private landowners who have donated public easements or are neighbors to our trails. Please stay on the WT and don't trespass! Our relationships with adjacent landowners is critical to our ongoing success and the only way we will be able to Close the Loop of the WT is if we uphold restrictions and requirements requested by private landowners. Please know where you are and stay on the WT and public lands.

Our newest trailhead at Holbrook Overlook is the perfect example of innovative frontcountry recreation development. This island parcel of Flathead National Forest is only 160-acres and is surrounded entirely by private property. Using a stacked loop approach, our trail construction managers at Forestoration have designed 3.8 miles of trail that explore the countless scenic views of Whitefish Lake.

Overall, managed recreation development of the Whitefish Trail has helped with trespass concerns on neighboring private lands. Signs and trail etiquette outreach help trail users respect private property, and we ask for your continued support to stay on designated trail corridors - especially those trails on and in close proximity to private property like Lion Mountain, Holbrook Overlook, and Haskill.


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