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Whitefish Trail License Plate Discontinued

Unfortunately, the custom Whitefish Trail license plate has been discontinued by Montana Department of Motor Vehicles. In 2019, the State legislature passed a bill requiring non-profit organizations to maintain a minimum of 400 custom license plates to stay in the program. With only 170 active Whitefish Trail license plates, WLP was unable to meet the minimum requirement, and they were discontinued.

If you have permanent vehicle registration (cars over ten years old are eligible), you can keep your Whitefish Trail license plate for the life of the vehicle. If you do not have permanent registration, you will be asked to select a different plate at your next registration renewal date.

WLP would like to thank everyone who purchased a plate and helped us promote conservation, education, and recreation in our community. We hope to reapply to the program in the future!

Please contact us with any questions at 406-862-3880
or emailĀ