Trail Conditions

logo-circleThe most up to date trail conditions are listed below. We depend on users to be our eyes and ears on the trail – please send any information on trail conditions to

*Note:  The trail is vulnerable to damage during wet and muddy conditions. Riding horses and bikes on water logged and soft trails can create ruts that channel water and lead to excessive erosion. All trail users are urged to avoid using the trail when muddy conditions exist.

Apr 19, 2017Late April Trail Report

Spring is starting in Whitefish with crocus dotting yards and willows starting to bud out.  The Whitefish Trail is 99% snow-free with just a few patches of snow and ice holding on in shaded areas.  The trail is, however, not puddle free, so we want to remind users about proper etiquette for riding on wet… Read more »

Apr 5, 2017Early April Trail Report

My early morning runs to the Skyles Lake Overlook have finally resumed after a long winter’s break. This week, as I jogged through an empty parking lot at Lion Mountain, a rafter of of wild turkeys woke up from their tree-top roost. Clumsy birds dropped, glided, and crashed out of the canopy, gobbling all the… Read more »

Mar 23, 2017Late March Trail Report

Spring is knocking on the door of Northwest Montana, and the heavy valley snows of last winter are finally melting out. Although the parking lot was empty at Lion Mountain this morning, an early morning walk to the Skyles Overlook found a flurry of activity. These longer days of spring do not just inspire humans to get outside, clean… Read more »

Mar 7, 2017Early March Trail Report

What a difference a year makes! Look at the photos below from Lion Mountain taken February 26, 2016 compared to the photo taken today! The valley snow pack is pretty amazing this year, and forecasters are calling for yet another major valley snow storm later this week. The trails at Lion Mountain, Swift Creek, Skyles,… Read more »

Feb 13, 2017February Trail Report

If you are frustrated by the weather, just wait a few days!  This winter has been full of ups and downs. Sub-zero temperatures in December gave rise to increased snow and even some rain last week. Amidst the adverse weather conditions, 2,275 people accessed Lion Mountain during the month of January. That’s a slight increase above… Read more »