Trail Conditions

logo-circleThe most up to date trail conditions are listed below. We depend on users to be our eyes and ears on the trail – please send any information on trail conditions to

*Note:  The trail is vulnerable to damage during wet and muddy conditions. Riding horses and bikes on water logged and soft trails can create ruts that channel water and lead to excessive erosion. All trail users are urged to avoid using the trail when muddy conditions exist.

Feb 18, 2020Mid-February Trail Report

Old man winter continues to keep outdoor recreationists and local weather forecasters on their toes. February came in like a lion with wind storms, snow, ice, and even warm soaking rain. Thankfully, these intermittent storms were abbreviated by restorative periods of sunshine, blue skies, and better visibility. Sunshine these days is kind of like a… Read more »

Oct 16, 2019Mid-October Trail Report

It’s time to get OUTSIDE! With winter knocking on our door, those perfect autumn days on the Whitefish Trail are numbered. These periodic fall showers have been great for trail conditions, and all of the trees from the last wind storm have been cleared. Let us know if you see any more downfall, and we’ll… Read more »

Sep 16, 2019September Trail Report

September Trail Report By Alan Myers-Davis, WLP Director of Development Wow, that was a lot of rain yesterday! Fall trail season is officially here with the leaves changing color and moisture back on the ground. The Whitefish Trail has been in great shape for all types of recreation, and now that the summer dust has… Read more »

Aug 21, 2019August Trail Report

Summer has definitely arrived! The sunny, hot weather of late has dried out the trail and created some dusty corners. I have been enjoying the early morning hours for my trail adventures in order to avoid the hottest (and smokiest) parts of the day. With cooler weather and some moisture in the forecast for this… Read more »

Jul 18, 2019July Trail Report

This summer will be remembered for a few years to come. Consistent soaking rains have created a lush landscape not seen in recent memory throughout NW Montana. Local gardens are bursting with growth (and with weeds), and local vegetable farmers have saved on irrigation. Summer-like weather is a little late to the party this year with our… Read more »