WLP is the local catalyst for conservation projects that strive to create mutually beneficial outcomes for the Whitefish community. We work closely with the City of Whitefish, state and federal governmental agencies, local businesses, and private landowners to harmonize the growing recreational and tourism industries with the traditional wood products industry — all of which are essential to our community’s economy.

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Places Worth Protecting

The goals of WLP’s ‘Places Worth Protecting’ program involves multiple initiatives that target advancing conservation goals, developing public recreation amenities, and creating education opportunities over the next ten to twenty years. Five separate initiatives fulfill the ultimate goal of preserving open land around the community and creating the complete Whitefish Trail recreation system.

The initiatives that make up the Places Worth Protecting program include the Beaver Lakes Initiative, North End Trail Initiative, Big Mountain Trail Initiative, Spencer Initiative and the Haskill Basin Initiative. Through a series of conservation easements, land exchanges, land use licenses and recreation use licenses, many of these open lands will be protected from development and will also serve to defend the community from the hazards of wild land fire.

The preservation of these lands will provide Whitefish clean water and quality wildlife habitat, will provide uncluttered views, thriving forests, and contiguous landscapes, and will offer the public a chance to recreate and enjoy these natural lands, while providing the community a connection to its outdoor heritage.